KOSTAS and the yummy world

KOSTAS and the yummy world


'Around the city'


Part 3

June 2018

Napoli is a big city. One needs several days to walk around it's center. There are so many places to visit in the city and you will feel soon overwhelmed.

My advice is to stick only to the most important attractions of the city, otherwise you will end up stressed not being able to visit everything and exhausted.

Besides, the best attraction of a city is its people, its aromas and its colors, not the palazzi, the churches and the museums.

The film "Matrimonio all'italiana" is a 1964 Vittorio de Sica movie, filmed entirely in Napoli.

I will portray here some of the places I visited, which are the most important of all as my experience has shown. I have included almost all into three walks.

Walk 1 : the south part of the city (coastal central Napoli)

Walk 2 : Medieval Napoli

Walk 3 : Vomero area

"Ieri, Oggi, Domani" (yesterday, today, tomorrow) is a 1963 Vittorio de Sica film comprised of 3 episodes. Episode 1, "Adelina (di Napoli)", is fulmed in Napoli.

 Walk No 1 

Walk no1: Starting from Gran Caffè Gambrinus at the begining of Via Chiaia and finishing at the same place after having walked all the southern part of the city.