KOSTAS and the yummy world

KOSTAS and the yummy world

The GROM adventure!  

(or  "il gelato come una volta")  

GELATO ITALIANO!  It is a shared secret that Italy is the "Gelato" country.  There are almost more ice-cream shops in Italian cities than cafes (cafeterias) in Athens.

Growing up in a provincial city in Greece, I was not really an ice-cream fan as a kid. Maybe it was the poor selection of that time: "Κρέμα, σοκολάτα, φράουλα" (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry) was calling the ice-cream man pushing his ice-cream cart in the narrow streets of Larisa.

As an adult, I came across some incredibly fancy ice-cream shops and yummy tastes (cucumber! aubergine!).  But, well.... ice-cream....so what? 

Then, some years ago in Milano, on a rainy winter evening, I got into an ice-cream shop to wait for the rain to stop.  That was in Corso Buenos Aires.  Lots of people around slurping their ice-cream cones and yummying.  I decided to taste some "marron glacé" ice-cream, as I am nuts about chestnuts.  That was it!  The Apocalypses!  The following days I tried almost all flavors: pistachio, nocciola, torroncino, fiordilatte, gianduja, liquirizia.... And this is how I became a GROMadict!  As you can understand, that was a GROM Gelateria I had just visited.

Since that day, not only I have visited almost all GROM shops in northern Italy (Milano, Genova, Torino, Aosta, Alessandria, Bergamo, Asti, Siena, Verona, Venezia, Padova, Perugia....), but I also followed it in faraway places:  Paris, Osaka, Hong Kong, Nice, New York.

August 2017, Genova. I tasted the "flavor of the month": yogurt ice-cream with peach and crunchy hazelnuts.... a flavor to die for!

Asti, Piemonte

February 2018 Update-NYC

There are 3 Grom ice cream shops in NYC:  one at Columbus Circle (1796 Broadway), one at Greenwich Village (233 Bleecker Street) and one at the World Trade Center (185 Greenwich street).  I tried them all!

At the Columbus Circle Grom, NYC. February 2018.

Great childhood memories: 70s ice cream street vendor at Monastiraki, Athens (ΠΑΓΩΤΑ Ο ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ = George's Ice Cream)