KOSTAS and the yummy world

KOSTAS and the yummy world

In this page you will find simple recipes I cook at home. 

No measuring, no hitches no special equipment, no time consuming, no hassle... just plain, scrumptious food.

My favorite plate: chicken and potatoes in the oven. A mom’s classic which I still value a lot! This one cooked on Saturday the 24th of March, 2018. Lemon, oregano, curry, black pepper and garlic.


I believe I would never start cooking if I had to follow strictly a recipe, for which everything has to be measured  precisely. 

Cooking has to do with taste: the good cook is the one who takes a bite of a dish and can tell one by one all the ingredients in it. 

If you cannot or do not dare to improvise... forget it!  Let someone else to cook for you.

Ready to bake!

Beef and green beans in tomato sauce... 13-June-2018

Pizza with puff pastry, mozzarela, fresh tomatoes and pepperoni. 24 June 2018.

Stuffed vegetables. Served with feta cheese. (26 June 2018)

Chickpea pasta with beef in tomato sauce. 14-November-2018.