KOSTAS and the yummy world

KOSTAS and the yummy world

❤Once upon a time we used to receive postcards from friends traveling to faraway places or spending their holidays by the sea or just visiting a city for a long weekend.  Postcards were chosen meticulously so they could “explain” as much as possible for that place in one only picture.  At the back, just the necessary words… words that would “support” the picture in the front and make us back home to understand that place or even to dream about that place and wish to visit it ourselves.

❤We do not receive postcards anymore, or we receive but not that many as we used to.  Postcards, nowadays, for most of us rather belong to forgotten boxes in the storeroom, but the idea is still around.

❤To honor that old but not forgotten love affair for postcards, I decided to post in these pages my short excursions, my trips in the city, my one-day escapes that "can fit into a postcard".

❤ "Postcards" start with a stamped postcard at the very top of the trip page (like the ones in this page). 

I hope you travel with me to these places.