KOSTAS and the yummy world

KOSTAS and the yummy world


Me ...here and there

«People who love to eat are always the best people». 

Julia Child

What an amazing world!

Recently, I read an article about people whose destiny to travel is written into their genes: the wanderlust gene is so powerful (*). 

I recall my mother always saying "παιδάκι μου έχεις νέφτη στον κώλο σου" and always knew, long before that scientific research come out, that she was right: I cannot stop traveling...it's impossible to stop wandering.  

I dedicate all my travel experience to my mother who traveled outside the borders of her country only once, but I am sure she has voyaged the whole universe, through her day dreams.


Kostas Xiloparkiotis 



(*) The word wanderlust is a borrowing from German meaning "passion to wander", and first appeared in English early last century.   

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Big in Japan.... 15kilos bigger than today.

I am one of those lucky people who have a low, but steady income, that allows me to enjoy traveling more than richer people do

Traveling is not always about money.  People with money (there are exemptions of course) do not have time for traveling because they have to make more money.  They may take their privete jet or travel first class to have a long weekend in a five-star resort and enjoy all day spa and a diner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, but this does not make them travelers as they do not really smell or taste the world around them.

up up... on the Alpes

This blog is for us ordinary people who travel economy class and look for cozy 3-star bargain hotels, who travel on buses and trains and boats and most of all who enjoy local cuisine at its most.


This is a travel blog with a culinary twist.   

This is for people who enjoy food, either it is street food or local restaurant food.  This is for people who want to taste what the locals taste, their everyday life. If you are interested into posh expensive restaurants you will find nothing interesting in here.

I travel for more than 30 years, I have been in all continents and have cherished lots of experiences. 

Recently, a major change in my working world gave me the free time (I have always wanted) to put down some of my travel experiences.  Unfortunately, I am still stacked to specific days per year travelling, but I have more personal time now to share my experiences. Thus, I decided to create this blog.  Let’s see how it will go!  Wish me good luck!


During my travels, I try to take photos from everything so I give a better understanding to the reader.  

All pictures are taken by me or my travel companions, with the exemption, of course, of a few vintage ones... obviously I haven't mastered time travel yet.


Limeni village, Mani (Greece).

Lake Orta, Italy.

(*) May 2018 update.

It has been six months since I decided to start this travelogue.  These months I learned a lot, and the most important is that I know now what this blog could offer to the reader.  It can offer thorough, checked, updated information to the extent possible. 

As I do lots of (re)searching before, during and after I visit a place, I came to the conclusion that lots of the information provided in the internet is at least inaccurate. In most cases the information is copied from one site to the other, so it is just recycled.  Some times the recycling is meticulous, so you just find the same info again and again, which is Ok… you just end up with dated info after several copies.  Unfortunately, most of the time people decide to copy part of what they find; and without really knowing what they do, the result is a distorted and misleading information.  This is amplified by the fact that there are people who write about places, without even visiting the place themselves.  The usual suspects in this case are journalists not bloggers.

I believe my blog comes to fill this gap: to provide at least information that has been checked by myself. Some times I see that I write too much about a place I visit, and this makes it tiring or/and boring for the readers.

I understand that our century demands less in depth reading as the information we receive daily is too much. But, again, I believe the clever reader can omit information he finds not useful for himself.

One of my favorite pictures. Full Moon, Peloponnese (Greece).

Cage of Flowers. Shanghai, China.

My wall to wall magnetic map in my study room in Athens... magnets are bought during my travels.