Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola

Sunday, 7 October 2017


For this plate you will need:

❤ fresh gnocchi (from the supermarket)

❤gorgonzola cheese (preferably the sweet variety)

❤fresh cream 

❤parmesan cheese (optionally)

❤some walnuts

❤butter (optionally)

❤black pepper 


fresh cream & gorgonzola cheese

parmezan cheese


black pepper

10 simple steps

step 1:  Boil water in a big pot and add some salt if you want.


step 2:  In a small pan pour the fresh cream and cook it till it is hot but not boiling.

step 3:  Cut the gorgonzola cheese into small pieces and put them into the hot cream and stir till the cheese melts in the cream.

step 4:  Add some shredded parmesan in the mixture (if you want).

step 5:  Add some black pepper (if you want).

step 6:  Leave the mixture to simmer at low heat, till the gnocchi in the other pot are ready.


step 7:  When the water in the big pot is boiling, put the gnocchi in and leave them to boil for 3-5 minutes (or as instructed).

step 8:  When the gnocchi are ready, drain them and pour some butter on them as they tend to stick together.

step 9:  Serve the gnocchi into plates and pour the cheese/cream mixture on top of them.

step 10:  Add the walnuts on top of it and serve hot.

pictures of some preparation stages

blend the gorgonzola cheese into the hot cream

cook the gnocchi in boiling water

drain the gnocchi