KOSTAS and the yummy world

KOSTAS and the yummy world

Linguine with prawns, garlic & mustard

Saturday, 27 January 2018



For this plate you will need:


a) Basic ingredients

❤ Linguine (or spaghetti)

❤ Prawns (peeled) 

❤ Olive oil 

❤ Mustard (with honey preferably)

❤ Garlic (crashed)

 Sliced mushrooms


b) ingredients that will make the difference

❤ Chilly purée (or finely chopped)   

❤ Curcuma 

❤ Black pepper 

❤ Dijon mustard (hot mustard)

❤ Maple syrop 

❤ Vegetable stock (Knorr or broth) 


Preparation into 10 simple steps

step 1:  Boil water in a big pot and add some salt (if you want).


step 2:  Smash 3-4 garlic cloves ( I use kitchen paper to smash the cloves to avoid smell hands).  If you use canned mushrooms, then wash them. Pour plenty of (room temperature) water on the frozen prawns, if you use frozen ones.  

step 3:  In a smaller pot put some olive oil and add the smashed garlic and the mushrooms. Fry the mixture into high temperature till they get a golden-brown color. 

step 4:  Stir in the prawns into the small pot and turn heat down.  Prawns should never be boiled because they turn hard and rubbery.

step 5:  Add the mustard (a full teaspoon should be enough).

step 6: (this step can be omitted or modified accordingly). Add the rest of the ingredients: hot mustard, chilly puree, maple syrup (not much, just to give the sauce a slightly sweet taste), black pepper, curcuma and the vegetable stock.

step 7: Leave the mixture to simmer at very low heat, till the pasta in the big pot is ready.


step 8:  When the water in the big pot is boiling, put the pasta in and leave them for some minutes to boil as instructed on the packet.

step 9:  When the pasta is ready, drain them and (if you want) wash them under cold water.

step 10:  Serve the pasta into plates and pour the sauce on top of it.

Preparation 1:  Smash the garlic cloves using kitchen paper.

Preparation 2:  Water the canned mushrooms and the frozen prawns.

Preparasion 3: Fry the garlic and mushrooms.  Stir in the prawns.

Preparasion 4: Pour in the rest of the ingredients - black pepper, curcuma, mustard, chilly peppers paste and maple syrup.