KOSTAS and the yummy world

KOSTAS and the yummy world


Part II (FOOD)

August/September 2019


Traveling to a country and not experiencing its culinary habits it is almost like not having set your foot there. Food reveals a lot about culture, habits and etiquette of a people. Even if you do not like a cuisine you should try it, at least to have an idea what is this about. I must admit that Japanese food is not really for me. It is not that I do not find things to like or I will starve to death while in Japan, but I would not choose to eat Japanese while not in Japan. I am one of those persons, though, willing to try almost anything, and while in Hokkaido I tried most of the local delicacies. There are some myths about food of Hokkaido. When you read an article or a travel guide about the area, they tell you that the island is the paradise of fresh and desirous food. They tell you about the plethora of fresh food and vegetables and the unmatched quality of its dairy products. Ok, I do not know if you live in Antarctica or the Sahara desert, but I live in the Mediterranean where fresh vegetables and fruit are abundant all year round, I live in Greece where yogurt is considered the best in the world and I live in Europe where you can a try a different type of cheese every day of your life and still there will be many left which you haven’t try. So, yes fruit is good, but it is ridiculous to pay tens of euros for a slice of melon or 100gr of a soft creamy cheese. If you really like cheese, you will not find anything interesting at all in Japan…proceed to the next country! What really makes sense though, is the quality of cheesecake you find in Hokkaido; as I will describe later in this article, I think I never had any tastier desert in my life than the double cream cheesecake!

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