KOSTAS and the yummy world

KOSTAS and the yummy world

easy "matcha & chestnut & dark chocolate truffles"

(an east Asia delicacy)

For me, matcha was love at first sight. My travels to East Asia are always associated with this green miracle!

Besides matcha, I love chocolate, and I love pistachios, and I love chestnuts! So, can you think of something yummier and mouth-watering than truffles that contain all these ingredients? 



The recipe (is it really a recipe?) is straightforward and contains only six ingredients:

Dark chocolate. I used a patisserie dark chocolate bar.


Chestnut paste (without added sugar)

Maple syrup. Just a spoonful to give that extra taste, or according to how sweet you like your truffles.

matcha powder

cocoa powder (only for the icing, if you want

chopped (or coarsely grounded) pistachios 

a bit of liquor (brandy, whisky, or anything else you fancy) 

Dark chocolate bar, chestnut paste and butter.

Matcha powder, maple syrop and pistachios.

recipe execution

👍 Into a big bowl, put the chocolate bar (broken into small pieces) and the (cow) butter.  I used a 200-gram chocolate bar, so I used something like 100 grams of butter.  You can add more if you want your truffles smoother. 

👍 Put the bowl into a bain-marie or, better, into the micro oven.  Be careful with the micro: the power has to be low for the butter and chocolate to melt softly and not get burnt. 

👍 After the mixture gets smooth and light, take it out of the oven and add the rest of the ingredients:  matcha powder, pistachios, chestnut paste, liquor and maple syrup.

👍 Stir well with a wooden spoon or a silicon maryse till the materials mix well together, and the result is a smooth dough. 

👍 Put the dough into the refrigerator to get hard and easy to mold it into nice balls. When the dough is cold enough, make little truffles out of it (the size is a personal matter, though).

👍 Put matcha powder or/and cocoa powder into a cup and roll into it the truffles. 

Here you are: brown and green truffles to devour!

1. Chocolate and butter melted together. 2. Add matcha powder. 3. Add pistachios. 4. Add chestnut paste.

Roll the truffles in the matcha or cocoa powder so they do not stick together.

Here you are: brown and green truffles to devour!

With the matcha leftovers make a hot matcha latte to enjoy together with the truffles.